101|EXHIBIT / CURRENT EXHIBITION Micah Ganske _The Future Is Always Tomorrow | January 17th – March 7th, 2015

Micah Ganske | The Future is Always Tomorrow

140101/EXHIBIT proudly presents The Future is Always Tomorrow, a solo exhibition from artist Micah Ganske. Paintings and sculptures from Ganske’s most recent series comprise the exhibition, in which the artist explores possible future forms of human society and habitation. The exhibition also includes Ganske’s new video Centralia Habitat, which tours a future space colony conceived by the artist.

Centralia Habitat from 101 Exhibit on Vimeo.

The paintings in The Future is Always Tomorrow, Ganske’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, envision a space habitat. Yet this future home does not depict the utopian paradises rendered by 1970s NASA concept artists, who depicted technological Arcadias of lush valleys, whitewashed homes, and smiling affluent whites.

ganskethumbnail1Ganske instead posits a future infrastructure where technology moves through cycles of innovation and obsolescence, and access to technology depends on location and class status—as it does today. He combines fantastical technologies with images drawn from the mining town of Centralia, Pennsylvania, a town abandoned following an underground coal fire that started in 1962 and continues to this day.

Micah_Ganske_CentraliaHabitatMuscle_2014_63x450Once a thriving borough on account of the coal industry, Centralia is now a ghost town felled by the very technology that once supported its population. Ganske predicts analogous setbacks within the history of the distant future, that we will always be replacing old technologies with new ones, and that any human habitat ultimately becomes a collage of time periods.

Micah_Ganske_CentraliaHabitat_Circle_2014_74x680Micah_Ganske_RobotStudyinIntrospection_2015_24x130Just as Ganske’s paintings coalesce the realities of the present with future visions, so too do his new sculptures. These sculptures envision another aspect of humanity’s future: a fleet of spacecraft designed for human exploration of distant worlds. Based on the human form, Ganske designed each sculpture as a specific body part and exploratory function; for example, his “arm sculpture” is a mining vessel equipped with drilling tools and storage space for extraterrestrial ores.

Micah_Ganske_Warhead4_2014_45x24x300Ganske’s vision is a cautious optimism, one excited about the technology of the future while prepared for some bumps along the way. He says:

The future is always tomorrow, and there are always improvements to be made.

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