ACME / ON GOING EXHIBITION Amy Adler “Location” untill December 20th, 2014

Amy Adler “Location” / solo exhibition

2014-12-15-adlerwalkingFrom November 15th untill December 20th, 2014, the Los Angeles based artist Amy Adler will be exhinited at the ACME Gallery. It is a solo show named “Location”.The show features life-sized drawings based on photographs taken by the artist while location scouting for a film. 1detail 750 pxIn these oil pastel drawings on canvas, Adler turns to the behind the scenes process of filmmaking, using location shots of children’s playgrounds as subject matter. Amy Adler’s works are well known for their interplay between drawing, photography, and film. Past bodies of work include photographs of her drawings. In this process, the original drawing was destroyed and the final product, a unique photographic print of the drawing became the original, questioning our notions of authenticity and originality.2Since 2005, Adler has inverted this process by displaying the original drawings, but always in relation to film and photography. Adler’s most recent work includes a short, first person documentary exploring ancestry through the narrative of childhood fantasy.To read a biography of the artist click on the Galley’s website or on Amy Adler’s website4I found very interesting this “Conversation with Amy Adler” of Virginia Broersma, published on her HuffingotnPost’s blog. They talk about the concept of ” finished artworks “, the cinematographic origin of the series and the creative process and, of course, the “Location”‘s works.3

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