DAC / ON GOING EXHIBITION “Something Within” November 13th – December 19th, 2014

Something Within

Ben Sanders "Noodles No. 1 (Pho)" 2013 Acrylic and oil on panel 36” x 36”At the Downtown Art Center (DAC), curated by Manual History Machines, in collaboration with the ECF Art Centers, Something Within is a group art exhibition featuring the diverse practices of adult artists living with disabilities from the ECF Art Centers, in dialogue with invited guest artists. The selected artists mine their own personal reservoirs of experience, intuition and desire to create worlds that range from animated and lively, to quiet and mysterious – all with the intent to communicate an inner-narrative that could only be conveyed through imagery.Kio Griffith These worlds are realized through various media including drawing, painting, animation, installation, sculpture, collage and performance. Guest artists Bridget Beck, Kio Griffith, Jay Lizo and Matthew Waller contemplated the practices of ECF artists in their studio environment at the Downtown Art Center in order to create unique responses for the exhibition, while guest artists Esmeralda Montes, Ben Sanders and Ayler Fielder create playful imaginary realms displaying a boldness of characteristics similar to that of the work of the selected ECF artists. Matthew WallerAll of the artists in the exhibition are compelled to realize their visions with an immediacy and direction that beckons viewers to wonder how much of the content is driven by something within the artists’ own experiences, and how much is informed by something external, something beyond. The work in the exhibition manages to exist in a state of play and action, while coming from a place of great emotional depth. ECF Art Centers’ studio environment is a professional developmental arena for the artists they represent, as well as a therapeutic service. The results inspire many who also seek to find something omnipotent within, and wish to express it outwardly, unknowingly. Esmeralda MontesOn the reception day on Friday, November 14th, 2014, there was a special readings by “Zolshie” from the Tarot Card Deck created by ECF artist Harvey Schwartz. Bridget BeckSelected artists from ECF Art Centers: Deborah Alexander, Angelica Alvarado, Thomas Birdsong, Tammy Brackens, Wilbert Brent, Tony Brown, Laksmi Camp, Leesa Chacon, Jose Hernandez, Maria Kim, Justina Ko, Judy Lopez, Erin McCullough, Medhi Mohammadi, Helen Paik, Larry Pearsall, Jarred Phillips, Chris Romero, Harvey Schwartz and Jose Zamora.

Invited Guest artists: Ayler Fielder, Bridget Beck, Ben Sanders, Esmeralda Montes, Jay Lizo, Kio Griffith, and Matthew Waller, with a performance by Yoshie Sakai.

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