GALLERY 825 (L.A.A.A.) / CURRENT EXHIBITION An all-media exploration of B/W Contemporary Art January 24th – February 20th

Los Angeles Art Association presents B/W an all-media exploration of black and white contemporary art juried by Laura Watts, Honor Fraser Gallery. In addition to this group exhibition, LAAA will present solo exhibitions by Kelly Berg, Isabella Kelly-Ramirez and Richard Slechta. All exhibitions open at Gallery 825

bw_bergIn her recent series Phenomena, artist Kelly Berg‘spaintings ride the edge between beauty and destruction. Through the use of acrylic paint and metallic wire mesh, Berg creates textured gestural surfaces with accents of delicate enameled line work. The paintings invite the viewer into mysterious cataclysmic scenes taking place in both familiar and faraway landscapes. The dangerous natural phenomena Berg depicts range from volcanic eruptions and tornados, to abstracted lightning scenes and fissures caused by earthquakes. Berg draws from the traditions and legacy of American landscape painting, while bringing her work into the now by introducing the viewer to a current global theme through her color palettes, deeply textured canvases, and autobiographical narratives.

Isabella Kelly-Ramirezbw_kelly-ramirez‘s new work, All the Missing Pieces will feature an installation of nearly 30 recent collages, curated into an intimate installation of self-reflection. The work showcases Kelly-Ramirez’s surreal collage portraits that serve as whimsical re-imaginings of mainstream media imagery. Her skillful manipulation of magazine images via a hand cut collage method create psychological portraits of iconic stature. All the Missing Pieces is the title of the featured wallpaper that is digitally printed from a large-format hand cut collage. This constellation of hundreds of tiny images, serve as the talisman for the collage character portraits. They represent all of the material objects that must be purchased in order to fill the void. The altar of “ego” contains a bejeweled assortment of personal boudoir products, a medicine cabinet for beauty.

With Crossbw_slechtacurrent Junction, Richard Slechta investigates the boundaries of photographic abstraction through a hybrid of painting and photography. Creating a large-scale installation, spanning 450 square feet of photographic media, Richard’s goal is to deliver an expansive, dynamic experience beyond the picture frame. The panoramic installation explores the phenomenon of the unraveling of imposing order through speed, trajectory, and fragmentation.

Precedente CB1 / UPCOMING EXHIBITION Three shows for the new opening January 24th - February 28th Successivo FRANÇOIS GHEBALY / CURRENT EXHIBITION Mike Kuchar Saints and Sinners January 17th - February 14th, 2015

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