NEW VIBRATIONS / Nicholas Pilato – Evan Nesbit – Jennifer Boysen / @Brand New Gallery _ Milan April 2015

On the 24th of April an exhibition ended at Brand New Gallery in Milan: it was titled New Vibrations.
The artists in the show, all from  the United States, combine traditional and unconventional mediums in their works, exploring and re examining painting’s vocabulary.

Brand-New-Gallery-viewWe went to see the exhibition attracted by three artists in particular: Nicholas Pilato (whom we also saw at the miart2015), Evan Nesbit and Jennifer Boysen.

Why? Because they are represented by Los Angeles art galleries.

ANAT EBGI L.A.Nicholas Pilato’s work is marked by constant flux, as it oscillates between creation and destruction. By utilizing concrete, and with references to the natural and the human, his work invokes aspects of sedimentation, erosion as well as industrial decay.Nicholas-Pilato,-Into-the-Fade-2015Nicholas-Pilato,-Oyster-Crackers-2015Nicholas-Pilato,-Oyster-Crackers-Detail-1Nicholas-Pilato,-Oyster-Crackers-Detail-2ROBERTS & TILTON L.A. – Evan Nesbit pieces together material knowledge with lived experience to open up subjective narratives within process and material based abstractions. Painting on the opposite side of his burlap canvases than the one facing outward, the contradictory effect on the colors, muted bolds and bright pastels create a striking effect along with the irregular surface makes for a sculptural layering effect and physicality that entices the viewer closer.Evan-Nesbit-Installation-viewCHERRY & MARTIN L.A. – Often starting with a found object and covering it with stretched canvas, Jennifer Boysen paintings are sculptures as the sculptures are paintings by both the manipulation of form and application of materials. Through paint overlays, scraping and scratching, a pictorial image is at once obstructed and a deep, richly atmospheric surface emerges.Jennifer-Boysen,-Untiteled-2015More informations about the entire exhibition on the Brand New Gallery website, here.

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