RICHARD HELLER GALLERY / CURRENT EXHIBITION Matt Mignanelli “Stories Unfold” Opened on November 20th

  Matt Mignanelli “Stories Unfold”

Matt Mignanelli, an artist based in Bushwick, Brooklyn, is largely inspired by the industrial neighborhood he works in, citing cinder blocks, roll down gates, and corrugated metal buildings as a few of his muses. “A lot of my works are based on industrial facades and architectural elements,” Matt explains. “The patterning that naturally occurs in New York has been a constant source of inspiration to me.”

In Matt’s earlier works, these elements were visible as brick walls and candy-colored shapes. But in more recent years, Matt has pared down his work, producing precise and dimensional paintings in an all-black palette. “I just love how raw and exposed the painting is when working in monochrome; there is nothing to hide behind, nothing to distract you,” he says. “I found a certain serenity in the black, a calmness in the void, a power.”

These are the type of works that will be on view at his upcoming exhibition at Richard Heller Gallery, which opens on November 22 in Los Angeles. The exhibition will also include white monochromes, and is the first time the white works have been exhibited. “There was a certain power that the works had paired together that really bridged the two bodies of work for me,” Matt explains in the following interview with The Hundreds. “I feel like I have achieved a continuity and cohesion with this exhibition that is even more successful than exhibitions past.”

Read the interview with the artist here

Matt Mignanelli Accomplice I and II, 2014 72 x 50 Inches , Gloss and matte enamel on canvas
Matt Mignanelli Autumn, 2014 60 x 48 Inches , Gloss and matte black enamel on canvas
Autumn, detail
Matt Mignanelli Theaters of Conflict I and II, 2014 60 x 98 Inches , Gloss and matte enamel on canvas
Matt Mignanelli Thunder Cloud I and II, 2014 24 x 40 Inches , Gloss and matte enamel on canvas
Matt Mignanelli Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire, 2013 48 x 36 Inches , Gloss and matte black enamel on canvas
Richard Heller Gallery

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