ROSAMUND FELSEN / CURRENT EXHIBITION Andrew Falkowski All and One January 10th – February 7th, 2015

Andrew Falkowski “All and One”

Installation View 2bAF15 32In “All and One”, Andrew Falkowski’s fifth one artist exhibition with Rosamund Felsen Gallery, several series of paintings are presented that examine the relationship between studio production and media output.
Materials and visual styles from popular culture and Pop Art are sourced as bold colors and familiar designs are used.

AF15 15 Synecdoche, a painting series consisting of tight tablet sized grids, owe as much to Excel spreadsheets as to running shoe designs. Here, deviations from predetermined parameters are exemplified through color choices and placement.

AF15 25, 26, 27AF15 17, 18In another painting, sharing the same name of the show “All and One”, reference is made to Roy Lichtenstein’s early pop work through the tactility of a ben-day dot pattern.
Minimalist monochromatic paintings, created from milk paint and sheets of cell cast acrylic plexiglass, make nods to both car culture and industrial fabrication.

AF15 03In a separate series of color field paintings, undulating clouds of amorphous, saturated color are rendered from chroma sprayed on small panels.

AF15 32 - 42 And in his text paintings, strong graphic images and collaged text in various fonts reveal the text as a physical form distinct from its meaning, while contexts are toyed with and manipulated.

AF15 30Using art theory along with its language and structure, this wide range of abstract and text paintings are excursions into and out of these parameters.

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