ROSAMUND FELSEN GALLERY / CURRENT EXHIBITION C.K. Wilde _ Temper | May 23 – June 20, 2015

C.K. Wilde | Temper

C.K. Wilde, Rosamund Felsen Exhibition 2015All the Pretty Horses, 2015 (CW15 14)Bottlecaps, plastic & copper wire, maps, pennies & BBs on plastic & metal horses, vinyl mirrors, wood Chinese frame holders, right angle mirror, metal postcard, sound s.

Well known for his collages and handmade books, C.K. Wilde presents his 3rd exhibition with Rosamund Felsen Gallery at the gallery’s new Downtown Los Angeles location.

C.K. Wilde, Rosamund Felsen Exhibition 2015Koestenbaum, 2014 (CW15 24)Ephemera collage on museum board, framed.

Gallant in their splendor and poignant in their candor, the paintings, sculptures and collages range in subject matter from majestic horses and myths of fallen heroes to historical exploits in foreign lands. Bottlecap covered sculptures, currency rearranged into collages of Greek figures, maps layered around depictions of dictators, a rotating wingcapped bronze figure and coins providing armor on various forms all come together in the lastest exhibition titled Temper.

C.K. Wilde, Rosamund Felsen Exhibition 2015Narkissos, 2015 (CW15 11)Currency collage on museum board mounted on wood panel, framed.

C.K. Wilde, Rosamund Felsen Exhibition 2015

Mercury Invents the Caduceus, 2015 (CW15 10)Currency collage on museum board, framed.

Echoes of tragedy, disappointment & frustration reverb beneath the surface of these works, questioning the limitations of value and the worth of commerce. Made up of appropriated symbols of oppression, expansion, and subjugation – the ephemera, maps and currency have been meticulously & beautifully reconfigured into bold collages & sculptures that longingly express notions of freedom and adventure.

C.K. Wilde, Rosamund Felsen Exhibition 2015If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride, 2009Collage on panel.

C.K. Wilde, Rosamund Felsen Exhibition 2015

A Rise, detail, 2010. Cast bronze, patina, sand, table.

Materiality, weight & texture are explored, as the deconstruction & recontextualizing of the materials grant Wilde freedom to transform symbols of power, greed, and colonization into objects of cautious storytelling and critique. The discards of the past are unearthed and thus repurposed in new ways and new contexts. Here, erudite understandings of the past give way to endless possibilities for the future.

C.K. Wilde, Rosamund Felsen Exhibition 2015Last Piece of Pie (after Thiebaud), 2013 (CW15 07)Currency collage on museum board, matted & framed.

C.K. Wilde lives and works in Los Angeles.

C.K. Wilde has works in collections of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt; Boston Athenaeum; Houghton Art Library, Harvard University; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Minneapolis Museum of Art; Clark Library, UCLA; University of California, Santa Barbara; SFMOMA; Walker Art Center, Minnesota; and Victoria + Albert Museum Library, London. He has also exhibited internationally in Frankfort, Beijing, London and Paris.
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