STEVE TURNER / UPCOMING EXHIBITION Space Program January 10th – February 7th, 2015

“Space Program” |  gallery artists showing all together

141222_0382LR_matte_std-1Steve Turner is pleased to present Space Program, the inaugural exhibition at their new Hollywood location (NEW LOCATION: 6830 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90038).

Featuring works by Maria Anwander, Deborah Grant, Luis Hidalgo, Jonas Lund, Pablo Rasgado, Camilo Restrepo, Rafaël Rozendaal, Michael Staniak and Yung Jake, the exhibition marks the first time most of our gallery artists will be showing together. In so doing, we aim to highlight connections within our program:

five of the artists (Hidalgo, Lund, Rozendaal, Staniak and Yung Jake) create works that are inspired by the internet and technology; Anwander and Rasgado critique institutions; and Deborah Grant and Camilo Restrepo use drawing and collage to take on big social issues. Anwander, Grant, Lund, Restrepo and Yung Jake reuse found materials, and all of our artists fall into the “new paintings” category.

inst-anw.232-918x613Maria Anwander will present Erased Pictures from Flash Art N°283, an installation that consists of an altered issue of Flash Art—the artist erased and accumulated the erasure dust from every illustration in the issue.

modifiedNew York-based Deborah Grant will present a group of paintings that were part of her 2014 solo exhibition at the Drawing Center in New York.

pntg-hid.005823-585x613Luis Hidalgo, based in Cuernavaca, Mexico, will present a new digital painting on mirror.

scul-jak.005546b-447x613Los Angeles-based Yung Jake will present a new sculptural work comprised of found metal and found images.

2013-11-04-cheerfullyhatsAmsterdam-based Jonas Lund will present paintings that were created using an algorithm that directed the colors and composition.

38Mexico City-based Pablo Rasgado will present a pair of sculptural works made from the remnants of two columns that were removed from the site in order to create the open space of the main gallery. They will be presented in the location where they stood for some ninety years.

wop-res.005939Medellín-based Camilo Restrepo will present his largest work to date, a drawing (6 x 20 feet) in his dense signature style that addresses the trauma created by the drug-related violence in Colombia.

New York-based Rafaël Rozendaal will present Abstract Browsing, embroidered textiles that represent popular websites. Produced for the Moving Museum Istanbul, the works consist of fabric embroidered by villagers in Şile, a city on the shores of the Black Sea famous for its textile production.

pntg-sta.005845-464x613Melbourne-based Michael Staniak will present paintings from his newest series (BMP). They refer to the history of painted images and suggest that permanence can be an aspect of digital work.

All the photos posted here are reffered to earlier works by the artists exept Maria Anwander “Erased Pictures from Flash Art N°283 that will be in the exhibition.

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